• *SEPTEMBER 2014*:

    Take the Dog Out!, written by Lynne Dempsey & illustrated by Mandy Newham-Cobb, is a 2014 International Book Awards "Readers' Favorite" Gold Medal Winner in the Children - Animals category! :)

  • *APRIL 2014*:

    Take the Dog Out! is now available in print form, as well as an ebook on amazon.com...
    click here!

  • *DECEMBER 2013*: Take the Dog Out! on amazon

    Take the Dog Out! written by Lynne Dempsey (SCBWI / Pennwriters) and illustrated by Mandy Newham-Cobb is now available as a kindle ebook on amazon.com:
    click here!

    "Coco wants to go outside, but everyone is too busy. They're watching television, reading the newspaper, and baking cupcakes. What's a dog to do?

    Join Coconut as she convinces her family that a walk outside is what they really need. Count the barks, find the dog bones, and look for the color red on each page. Watch out for the flying toilet paper.

    This humorous story includes fun illustrations, repetitive text, and sight words for the early reader."

  • *SEPTEMBER 2013*: Book-signing for "Appalachian Bestiary"!

    City Lights Bookstore will celebrate the release of Gary Carden’s new book, "Appalachian Bestiary", illustrated by Mandy Newham-Cobb on Sunday, September 1st at 1:30 p.m. His book features, as Gary puts it, “wondrous creatures that run the gamut from whimsy to spine-tingling terror. The weeping squont and the pongereen bird that suffers from Montezuma's revenge; the legendary beasts of the Cherokees such as the Uktena; and the terrifying products of mass paranoia like the supernatural "painters" and the "vampire beast of Bladenboro." All are drawn from the same deep well - the oral tradition of the southern mountains. The combinations of hair, fin and feather are new - but many of these creatures have ancient eyes.”